A clear view from above: Mountains

In this video we observe how the act of transcendental meditation can transport us anywhere our mind wishes. Even the summit of a large and mighty mountain.

Let’s think back to our most deepest moments in meditation. You know the ones; where we lose ourselves in contentment and reflection, allowing the world to wash over us, and finding ourselves isolated and separated from the routines of our daily life.

We are at our house, perhaps. But in our minds, we are somewhere else entirely.

We are, as one might want to be when seeking solace from the modern world – on the summit of a vast mountain range, sat in a nice, comfortable position on the soft earth. Up here, the atmosphere is cool and fresh. With each inhale and exhale, our lungs are filled with a clean and purifying air – not like that typically found back in our bedrooms or living rooms in cities and large towns. Here, we can relax.

Our eyes – led by the third-eye – scan the surroundings. What do we see? Trees, or snow? Birds, perhaps, or an endless and empty valley where we are safe in the knowledge of true and complete isolation. Ah, it’s good to leave the world from time; to gain fresh perspective away from all the challenges in our day-to-day lives.

It is a higher perspective up here, too. We can teleport, hypothetically, to the mountain peak, when we need to sit or rise above these challenges. Things we once considered large, or consequential, are quickly brushed off. They lose their significance from high up in the clouds, as we figure out why they affect us so much in the first place.

Money becomes a silly game. Stress ebbs away – with the cause becoming as transparent as shards of mountain ice. Our anxieties are pointless. Here, on the mountain, everything outside seems more trivial. We focus on feeling more present.

… To live in the moment.

But, still – try not to open those eyes.

No, because a large gust of mountain wind is blowing through you. It doesn’t bother you, just moves you slightly. It proves that whatever is on your mind – whether stress or money – is merely a passing phase. Up in the mountains, these are gushes of cleansing air.

Meditation is most beneficial when drawing us deeper within ourselves. Sometimes this manifests itself into a physical realm – an ideal, or a sanctuary. Mountains, which for thousands of years have been symbols of peace, are a wonderful place to visit from time-to-time – even from within the confines of our living room.

There are few places the mind will relax more when it re-visits that symbol of spirituality and quietude: the mountain.