Transformation in Nature

Every seven years – give or take – we replace our entire skeleton. Our bones are required to be stronger, tougher, and more concrete than before – to support the elements of our bodies. They integrate; reacting and combining – making our lives and actions possible – even though true strength lies in their differences. With each breath – an action we take for granted – our body rebuilds trillions of cells, pumping blood through the vessels long enough to wrap our planet two-and-a-half times over.

Human life is subject to continuous change. And yet, like the smallest speck of dust within the most immaculate clock, these changes move unnoticed against the intricate mechanics of the human body. We are selfless, strong, and never stationary. We hardly realise the depths of our own abilities to change – without intention. The true definition of selflessness.

At this moment in time, as we dwell on what happens with each breath – with millions of atoms unleashed on the inhale – let’s use this change and transformation for good. Instead of resisting change, we should listen to the call of nature; the silent signal that glows like an invisible flame within us, as it helps to assist change in a beneficial way. To make us conscious as we move towards new levels of human growth and development. Improving our lives one breath at a time.

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