The Underwater Frontier

Down in the water, we lose ourselves in the deepest mystery of our home planet. A shimmering portal to another world. What awaits us there? Danger; wisdom? Surprise, perhaps? Magic – most definitely. The magic of nature, undisturbed by events on land. One that we are not fit to survive in, and yet is full of life.

Creatures like us; expressions of nature. Moving harmoniously with no interruption, a cycle which is best described as a type of waltz. Where the partners lead and glide – wading through the water – against the rhythmic patterns of a concerto.

We are invited to join them in their dance until the light winds us back from above. The sea can be dark. But it needn’t be scary. Instead, look beneath the water as one would do while gazing upward at the stars. Far and unforgiving, yes – but also wondrous and epic. A frontier we, with all our abilities, have yet to cross.

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