Lost in the Woods

For those of us that look deeply within ourselves, we listen to a voice which responds with warmth or warning. We can trust that voice to guide us – to direct us through the chaos of the woods that represent our lives. The most inquisitive people in history have sought and cultivated their relationship with the ‘logos’, the informing voice of the silent heart.

An intuitive side of our deep subconscious; a voice, which is convivial, conversational and talks to you on the nature of your being or place in this world. We need to learn how to embrace it as the tool it is: one that challenges rational thinking norms so prevalent in Western culture. It’s OK to follow your heart; to weave through the woods of your mind, to come to a place of thought that is wise and unconditional.

We can learn to listen and follow this path – however hard it may seem – and as a result understand ourselves more truthfully and with more acceptance. To follow the path of the heart is to trust yourself deeply, knowing that eventually, everything will be revealed at the right time and right place.

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