Rise of the Guardian

Many of us are awakening to the idea our planet has a soul. That – like us – Earth’s physical form is a vessel for purpose, based on the same pattern of creation. Humans are deeply interwoven into this pattern – one that replicates itself in all living things and unlocks more of our similarities than our differences. We are living expressions of nature – and so is our planet. It supports cycles of life and evolution that have been fostered on the soil, lakes, and seas.

As humans, we are invited to connect deeper, and to think more about our bond with the Earth. What is our role, looking ahead, to protect this bond? Looking at the tree of life: the animals, plants, flowers and bacteria; we recognise, we share the same genes. We are connected. We share our breathing, supporting each other with the same source of life that nurtures the pulse of nature. If we accept the fact that everything is alive, it is our responsibility to take our place as a conscious contributor to harmony and peace.

To do this, we must bring peace and balance into our own lives. It is our duty as Guardian Spirits to live in such a way that supports the long life of our planet and leave it a better place for generations to come. These generations are our children; their children and their children’s children. They are an expression of humanity’s growth; the invisible thread that runs through all generations and all nature. We are connected. Now we should conserve.

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